My Week in Review (2017-04-24)

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I didn't write this review on Sunday because I was busy relaxing and playing Fallout: New Vegas. I still haven't finished it. I did read and watch more this week compared to previous weeks. I also spent some time trying to research the alternatives in the investing space, let me know what you're using!

What Happened?


This week I went through my usual tech news, an unusual amount of video content (watching Last Week Tonight) and spend a long morning consuming Mr. Money Mustache since it's been on my todo list for a long time (and has a lot of great content). I also had no idea about the scale of North Korea's artillery, and read new articles on the new laws coming in around the world requiring snooping on citizens by corporations. With the Gorillaz new album coming out soon, I also listened to a bit around that.


I finished listening to the Elon Musk audiobook this week. I've almost finished 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?' - it's a really short read and makes more sense to me than when I watched Blade Runner.


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