Writing a Github Pages Deploy Script

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Lately I have found myself creating more and more sites of the static kind and deploying them Github Pages. Regularly, this would involve having a public directory which contains all the assets before I build them (think preprocessor - SASS, Less, Stylus, Jade, Browserify, Requirejs) and another build directory where these assets are compiled to during development, testing and deployment. I found myself doing this so often, I figured I'd better make a little Makefile script for me to easily deploy any directory to Github Pages.

  @grunt build
  @cd ./build && git init . && git add . && git commit -m \"Deploy\" && \
  git push "git@github.com:blakeembrey/<repo>.git" master:gh-pages --force && rm -rf .git

All the script does is run the build, in this case grunt build and initialises the build directory as a git repository. It then commits all the directory contents and pushes it up to the Github Pages branch of a repo you define.

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